You deserve a break from spreadsheets...

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Did you ever dream
of becoming...
THE Michael Jordan of Excel?

Lychee is the all-in-one data platform that helps you move faster and make more progress than you ever imagined

It's a struggle to juggle getting, cleaning, formatting, downloading, analyzing, visualizing, presenting all of your data, not to mention making sense of it, your main tasks at hand, presenting to your team and bosses, deadlines, and expectations --- especially when you need a whole army of tools at your disposal all with their own subscription model. That's why I build Lychee.

With Lychee, every thing you need is within reach. Lychee encompasses your entire workflow, from getting data, to presenting and sharing your work. Not EVERYTHING under the sun. Just the stuff to get things finished.


Analyze Anything.
Let our AI do the heavy lifting for you.

Turn my dataset into an article.

Connect Directly to ALL
The Data Sources of Your Dreams

Not A Single Line of Code Required on Your End

Build an entire Website in 0.37 seconds from Google Sheets, Excel or .csv




Lychee's AI, lets you analyze your data and discover thigs you would never imagine.

Twitter Data

Pull data directly from Twitter no-code.


Scrape ANY URL.

PDFs Parsing

Extract Structured Data from PDF.

Crypto Data

Pull crypto data no-code.

Data Generation

Generate INSANE amounts of fake (realistic) Data for analysis and testing.

Powerful Spreadsheet

A Powerful Spreadsheet.

Rich Text Editor

A Rich Text Editor.


Generate Stunning presentations.

Website Deployment

Deploy an entire website right here.


Publish Your Findings.

Social Media Sharing

Share Your Discoveries on Social Media.

Team Collaboration

Invite Your Team.

Audience Building

Build an Audience Right Here.

Hate Subscriptions?

Me too!

The average household spends approximately $196,560 on subscriptions over their lifetime.* So I decided to try this crazy lifetime offer. Pay once and get full access for life! 99% cheaper than subscriptions.

This also allows me to focus on building the best features fast. And, of course, you get access to all future features.

If you are interested, but don't want to pay now, that's cool too.

You can have access to basic features for free... for now.

Subscription pricess will go into effect VERY SOON. If you wait until then, you will pay $69/month + add-ons + rate charges.


Limited access to experimental features


Anticipated basic tier price $69/month

+ cost/website launched using EasyLychee

+ AI and API usage costs

+ adons

No card required


normally $199.99

Instant access to all experimental features

Access All future features

Unlimited website launches forever

Unlimited custom domains

Almost Unlimited API and AI usage limits

No ad-on fees ever

One time payment

*Being a creator of a data platform I gotta cite my sources.

West Monroe Partners Study (2021): This study highlighted that the average U.S. household spends about $273 per month on subscriptions, including streaming services, subscription boxes, software subscriptions, and other recurring payments.

Typical Household Lifespan: The duration of 60 years is an estimated average based on a household's active years from young adulthood through retirement.

60 X 12 X $273 = $196,560