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My Data Use Policy
Hi There!
I am a developer and I am committed to protecting your privacy. This policy describes how I collect and use your personal data. I encourage you to read this policy carefully.
I don't collect any personal info or data from you other than your email in registering.
If data is collected I will make it explicitly clear. However I want to make it also even more clear I do not intend on ever profiting from the practice of data collection/ harvesting.
And if the time comes where profits can be made on user data, I would like to be one of the first companies to enable user's to profit along side me in the profits made from their data.
As the platform stands right now, none of the data you upload or import are stored.
That is why when you close the browser all your work disappears.
I will enable voting, and if the community decides that saving spreadsheets on Lychee within a dashboard is vital/ requested, then I will implement it.
In doing so, I will obviously have to store your spreadsheets and imported data somewhere.
Nevertheless, even now, the point of this project is to serve you users, who make my work possible.
So I want to keep the platform simple as far as the "product goes". All Lychee is is a platform that lets you focus on interpreting the data, rather than wrangling, cleaning, conducting math operations, of the data.
And all features I build will be in that direction
Thank you. I will flesh this page out more in the near future.
MisterrPink (creator of Lychee)